RDSI DaShNet (Under Construction)

Short Project Description:


This project is implementing a dedicated high-speed overlay network to facilitate the capture, management, access and re-use of nationally valued research data collection across the nodes being established by the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project.



(i)    Implementation of redundant high-speed network connetions to eight RDSI Nodes, connection of the Amazon Web Services and Science DMZ architecture at each RDSI Node to optimise data transfer rates in and out of the Node

(ii)    Construction of thick fibre optic link in Hobart (approx. 4km) and lighting of optical fibre by DWDM system in Brisbane

(iii)    Construction of thick fibre optic links in Adelaide (approx. 14km)

 Total Cost:


$8.59 million (est.)

 NRN Project EIF Contribution:


Up to $8.59 million



Up to $250k (AMCOM; AARNet; UniSA; SABRENet) for the Adelaide Fibre Build



RDSI Project Office, Node operators - University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Tasmania, Intersect, Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, eResearch South Australia, iVEC and AREN service providers



AARNet Pty Ltd (for the Network Connectivity & Optimisation and the Brisbane & Hobart Fibre Builds) and SABRENet Ltd (for the Adelaide Fibre Build).